We fight for change

Helping children and youth develop through sport

We change through sport

For over two decades, AJTKD has been helping children and youth overcome adversities and reach their full potential, through the power of sport.

We fight for a greater goal, and are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by promoting social inclusion, peacebuilding, good health and well-being, gender equality, and environmental education.

Our project was born within the community it was built for. As part of this community, we put our heart and soul in every action we take towards a greater change.

Our Approach

Social Inclusion

Helping children and youth from unprivileged areas to better integrate in society.


Building a culture of peace, educating on violence prevention and peaceful conflict resolution.

Health and Well-being

Positively influencing the attitudes of children and young people.

Gender Equality

Empowering girls and women from underprivileged communities to develop self-confidence and progress in society.

Environmental Education

Helping build a more sustainable world by preparing current and future generations.

Our champions

A master in sport, a teacher in life — The story of Paulo Rocha

A champion who found in Taekwondo the incentive to pursue a brilliant career not only in sport, but also in academia.

Rise to greatness — The story of Luis Felipe

A student turned teacher who is now passing on the values he learned in Taekwondo to the children and youth.