AJTKD signs The Global Climate Pledge to support the Climate Action Movement in Brazil

Jadir Taekwondo Association (AJTKD) has signed The Global Climate Pledge to support the climate action movement and help build a global legacy to protect the planet along with international businesses and organizations. The Global Climate Pledge is an inspiring, ambitious new movement that aims to bring governments, organizations, and individuals to come together and decrease global emissions exponentially.

By 2022, the global population is estimated to grow to approximately 8 million and The Global Climate Pledge is seeking to engage 25% of that population in the next 2 years. The Pledge aims to inspire new innovations, activities, actions, organizations, and leaders to stabilize our climate and create a new and prosperous future for all.

To support the Global Climate Pledge, AJTKD will introduce workshops and activities to educate the youth in Brazil about the challenges of climate change and encourage climate literacy amongst children, as well as provide information to the community about plastic pollution. AJTKD aims to build awareness about environmental challenges and encourage the youth and their families to adopt sustainable practices in their day-to-day lives to make a difference.

Although national governments and international organizations such as the United Nations are taking measures to manage climate change and minimize its impact, there is still an urgent need to take further action. We need to engage citizens, additional NGOs, businesses, and governments in every country to collectively take action and hold global warming well below 2ºC to benefit everyone’s health, security, and prosperity.

AJTKD is a non-profit organization, founded in April 2000 that develops social, cultural, and sports projects aimed at children and adolescents in social vulnerability. For over two decades, AJTKD has been helping children and youth overcome adversities and reach their full potential through the power of sport. The organization is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting social inclusion, peacebuilding, good health and well-being, gender equality, and environmental education.