Celebrating sport for development and peace

Sport can change lives. It helps youth realize their power, ability, and potential to achieve great things. Children and young people from all around the world experience the benefits of sport. However, not all of them experience it from a safe, peaceful, and nurturing environment. Each year, millions of youth around the world suffer from poverty, war, famine, homelessness, and abuse. When these youth have no other place to turn to, sport can become their refuge. Sports can heal wounds and rise above adversity. It heals divisions, fosters connection and social inclusion, and transcends borders, language, and culture.

#April6 is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and provides the opportunity to highlight the unique power of sport in supporting people and communities to overcome challenges and to foster peace and understanding.

At AJTKD, youth in social vulnerability learn to develop physically, socially, and mentally to promote peace. For over two decades, the organization has aimed social, cultural, and sports projects at underprivileged children and youth from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, transforming countless young lives.